Nice Things People have said about Gently Fit

Philip B - Bognor Regis

As you know, I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes over this past year. I am in my early-60’s and was overweight, unfit and with no flexibility, I thought that Pilates would be a good first step in getting into shape for retirement. Since joining your classes I have noticed a lot more flexibility and muscle tone. My masseuse recently commented on the firmness of my muscles. This totally surprised me but it can only be attributed to Pilates as I do nothing else. Finally, I would like to say how much I appreicate the encouragement you have shown me and also the way you manage to provide adaptions to certain stretches so that even I can achieve them. It’s nice not being ridiculed for once! I am very much looking forward to continuing my education with Gently Fit. Thank you for all you are doing for me. 

Sandra H - Aldwick

 I was recommended by my physio to try pilates 3 years ago, having been diagnosed with a wedge fracture of the spine and osteoporosis. I was looking for a gentle but effective form of exercise that would help me become more flexible, improve my core strength and if possible increase the density of my bones. I have found Joanna’s Gently Fit Pilates together with weights to be a very good combination and have noticed a tremendous difference in my mobility – also improving the recovery rate after too much gardening etc! Joanna has also helped me lose excess weight as a personal trainer and I can honestly say that I have experienced tremendous benefit from her classes, as well as having a good laugh and meeting new friends.

Dr K - Aldwick

I feel I've learned a great deal and thanks to you, have been able to incorporate new things into my daily exercise routine which really help with my back. I really can't speak highly enough of you, your expertise, professionalism and enthusiasm for the classes you run! It must take the patience of a saint sometimes to put us through our paces ... And I know that I really benefited as regards my lower back pain. At least I know what postures really help me. 

Mrs W - Bognor Regis

My stomach muscles sure feel like they have worked out after Tuesday's lesson. It was good to be back. 

Caroline B - Aldwick

Your classes have been brilliant and I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends as a first class instructor. If I am free on Fridays in the future I will give you a shout to see if you have a space available for me to return. 

Jane S - Felpham

Just wanted to take this opportunity to say how very much I appreciate your style and knowledge of teaching.