About Gently Fit Pilates

My name is Joanna Bryson and since qualifying as a fitness instructor in 2003, I have been passionate in educating and passing on the benefits of the gentle, low impact and subtle movements of Pilates that are so effective in producing profound, long term and sometimes life changing results.

I started Gently Fit in 2004 and gradually built up a following of local clients. I now run several group sessions and offer one to one personal training services if required.

The best and most gratifying part of my job is seeing the improvement that Pilates can produce in people who have suffered with joint and/or muscular pain. To witness the transition from “Inflexible and weak” to “mobile and strong” is, to me, the ultimate in job satisfaction.  I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else and consider myself lucky to have found “the best job in the world” – helping people.

The following pages will give you an idea of the point and aim of Pilates - and hopefully inspire you to “give it a go” with Gently Fit .........


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