About the Classes

Pure Pilates©


In this class you will learn the techniques of aligning and relaxing the body while strengthening the core muscles by using the original Joseph Pilates basic movements. The best part is that it’s easy to get started, even for total beginners. 

Wear comfortable loose clothing and grippy socks or bare feet. 

Weights & Pilates©


Recent research in the Fitness Industry has shown that a 20 minute resistance exercise session, 3 times a week can help to prevent middle age spread. As we age our metabolism slows down and in turn, so do we.  Therefore I have introduced approximately 20 minutes of structured movements with hand weights preceding the Pilates session.  This part of the class is upbeat, fun and energising. 

Then we move on to the more gentle stretching, lengthening and toning Pilates movements, ending with relaxation. Clothing as for Pure Pilates but trainers for the warm up and weights, and grippy socks or bare feet for the Pilates section 



The classes can be great to help with strength, balance, and posture, among other things. Just be sure not to neglect doing some light,  low impact exercise as well - a daily 30 minute brisk walk is ideal. While Pilates can’t replace aerobic exercise, Resistance Training and Pilates are great additions to your exercise regime.  

If you have your own mat please bring it with you to class. We spend a lot of time on the floor - so a slightly thicker mat is beneficial especially if you have lower back pain.  It is a good idea to check when you lie down on the floor without a pillow, does your chin lift up towards the ceiling?  If it does you might be more comfortable having a pad to rest your head on.  We can check this at your first class if you are unsure.   In the Winter months you may wish to bring a cosy wrap or blanket to cover you during the relaxation session at the end of the class.


Although in Pilates we do not, and indeed are not aiming to "get up a sweat", it is still important to remain hydrated. A small bottle of water to drink is therefore a good addition to your Pilates kit - especially in the warmer months.