Terms, Conditions & Fees

The First Class. You may not wish to commit to a 6 week term until you have tried a class so this is your opportunity to do so.  You will not be pressured into joining on the same day - if you wish to think about it. If you do not contact Gently Fit afterwards it will be assumed that you do not wish to continue.  You will only be asked to pay £6.80 for that class.    If you find that you cannot make the first class you have been booked into – or you change your mind about attending, Gently Fit requires at least 24 hours notice so that the space can be offered to someone else on the waiting list.  If notice is not given the class fee of £6.80 will be charged

Class Fees - £6.80 per class, £40.80 per 6-week term 

(unless otherwise agreed with Gently Fit).

Class rules


If you decide to enrol with Gently Fit, each 6 week term is payable in advance . 

Gently Fit does not operate a “pay as you go” system.  However, if you miss a class one week due to unexpected events (i.e. sickness/unavoidable demands on your time), you are entitled to  “save” that class for any future week when you might be able to come twice.  

An example of this is:- 

Mrs Fartoobusy paid Gently Fit for a 6 week term on 14th May.  On 21st May she decides that she really is far too busy on that day - what with her husbands birthday looming and the Queen coming to tea so she gives class a miss this week.  The next week life has calmed down a bit and she finds that she is able to make up for the missed class by coming to two classes this week.  Mrs Fartoobusy understands that Gently Fit has booked her space in the class that day and will have to charge for it whether she is there or not.

Gently Fit operates a 4-week holiday system during each year from January to December, as long as Gently Fit receives at least one weeks notice. 

An example of this is:-

Miss Cantresistafewdaysaway paid Gently Fit for a 6 week term on 7th January for the period 7th January to 11th February. However, she is invited to spend a week in Devon with her good friend Miss Wouldntsaynotoacreamtea -  commencing 28th January and will not be able to come to class for that week.  She tells Gently Fit on or before 14th January. This now means that she has used one of her holiday weeks and her term fee will run to 18th February.

If you cannot make your usual class any particular week, you are welcome to join another class instead during that week. 

If, at the end of one of your 6 week blocks, you decide to take a break and come back at a later date, please bear in mind that your space may be filled by someone on the waiting list and there may not be availability immediately when you decide to return. Gently Fit will always appreciate at least weeks notice of this because if you unexpectedly don't attend on the day your next term fee is due, that week will be chargeable as Gently Fit would not have had the opportunity to invite someone on the waiting list to take that space.  

Of course, flexibility is required if you find that you cannot come to class for an unknown or extended period and it will be up to you and Gently Fit to come to a mutually satisfactory arrangement.

Gently Fit sometimes takes a holiday too.  At least 2 weeks notice will be given when this happens.

Gently Fit will provide a statement of account  (electronically if appropriate) before your next term fee is due.

Gently Fit does not operate group classes on Bank Holidays but may provide you with alternative class options during that week.

Gently Fit can also offer small group classes at work places and Schools (teachers only). Suitable times and fees can be tailored to requirements.